I worked with Jolene. I really had a lot of negative self talk. I spent most of my time punishing myself for every thing I have ever done.I have made bad choices, but I couldn’t forgive myself. I spent so much time hating myself, I couldn’t feel true happiness anymore. I felt that people around me felt the same about me as I felt about myself. I needed to forgive myself, but didn’t know how. Jolene helped me process the situations that caused me such emotional pain. She taught me that my thoughts can be changed. My self talk needed to be different. She taught me techniques to change my self talk. I also had to forgive others for their betrayals to me. I thought I had but I carried a lot of anger. Jolene reminded me that God loves me, and she gave me unconditional love when I couldn’t feel love for myself. I still have bad days, but I have techniques to change my self talk. I also can imagine Jolene behind me encouraging me, wanting me to succeed. That is the best feeling