“To say all is well with my soul is an understatement…. Courageous life coaching….This has helped me step back and take a fresh look at my inner needs, desires, ambitions, emotions, my children, and relationships!! One never knows what you have to clean up before you can start to heal! Jolene helps you see things in such a fresh prospective, makes you think in order to begin to help yourself….suggests ideas in ways to encourage you….I thought my life had hit a brick wall with nowhere to turn and no one there to turn to…..This has made a huge impact on my thinking…how I react to situations…that if I feel controlled that its not okay to just sit back and do nothing thinking I had to just endure this way of life….my thoughts are clean, clear and on a straight path…I can now say with an un heavy heart that and that its ok to say NO to the things that have once my life is going somewhere brought tears to me eyes!!! I am so thankful and blessed to have had the opportunity for Courageous life coaching to impact my life in such a way of amazing. Thank you!!
I had to write this, I felt my heart pour out!! Keep up what you have been called to do, Joleen.. impact those who seek to find what they are looking for in their life..God has his plan for you and it is to encourage others!!