I want to share with you my journey from lost, depressed and without purpose in life, to happy and enjoying each and every day. Some of you know what the past three years have been like for Mike and I – cancer, loss of my mother, hip and shoulder replacements, lymphedema, loss of job and income. I have to say, at times it has been a test of our strength and a challenge we both have had difficulty coping with. BUT, thanks to, I have hope and faith again that we can face any challenges that come our way. Joleen and I talk weekly on Skype. It is so much easier to be open and comfortable sitting in my own home, and she is so insightful and intuitive we have made progress very quickly. I have been able to understand the source of many of my anxieties and fears. Joleen has taught me how to deal with these issues head on in a positive and productive way. I feel empowered to keep moving forward and excepting whatever comes our way. Please see her. I am not kidding you guys – she has changed my world and she can change yours too!